Maud Debs

Maud Debs

Manager and World Travel Manager

Who am I?

Trail runner since 2013, Maud is a very active, courageous and dynamic girl. She quit her job as a Business developer to go on a Round trip world travel for 2 years (2015-2017) to raise funds for the “Motor Foundation” Association.

She also met women runners in this round trip world to study the different practices according to the local culture and to release a documentary. She participated in more than twenty races-trails during these 2 years.
During her journey through the various continents, Maud discovered more than 30 different countries, sharing many adventures and creating a lot of relationships around the world. This trip was a source of cultural richness for her.

All the legitimacy of our project is there : with Maud’s experience and her round trip world, that she organized by herself. Now, through our travel agency, she wants to share her knowledge on the countries, on places she discovered and the races she ran.

My Experience

CEO Trail The World
2015 - 2017
Blogger-runner in a round trip world for 2 years-www.worldwildrunneuze.com
Responsible Events-MeetMeOut
Business Developer/Sales and marketing Manager-INSIA France

My race performances

China Great Wall Marathon 2016 (42km-3000m D +)
Vietnam Mountain Marathon 2015 (42km-2500m D +)
Kilimanjaro Marathon-Tanzania 2015 (42km-300m D +)
Laddak Marathon-India 2015 (42km – at 3500 m hight)
Patagonian Marathon-Chile 2016 (42km-300m D +)
Grand Raid du Golfe du Morbihan 2017 (177km – 300 m D+)
Pyrennées Tour Trail 2017 (111km – 8700 m D+ on 4 days)

My skills

Business development100%
Marketing Operation 36080%
Field knowledge95%
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