Premium Trail Running Trips

Go and travel hassle free and run French and European trail running races!

We know a lot of trail running races around France and Europe and made a selection of our favorites. We decided to create trip around these trail running races and make you discover these countries.
You have nothing to worry about, just follow us we take care of everything. Take your running shoes and travel with a piece of mind!

What you are going to do

An all inclusive offer

By choosing a premium trip, you choose an all-inclusive offer: flying tickets, accommodation, meals, bibs and on-site tourism activities.

A special service

We know all destinations, we will guide you on the whole trip (one person of our team and a guide speaking your native language): by guiding during all tourism activities or by giving you advice on the trail running race that you are about to run.

A Trail running race as an excuse to travel

Premium destinations include participation in an local existing trail running race (on a day most of the time). They also include a part dedicated to tourism.

A different manner to discover a country/region.

In our Premium destinations you will discover a country or region with fun activities and meet with locals people so you can understand the place where you are traveling to. You are not just going to travel into a country but you will immerse yourself in its culture.

Need more information?

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A travel and trail running expert team
Personalized service
Friendly atmosphere
Unique Trails Running Races
Authentic Adventure

Our Premium Trail Running Trips

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