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We are the first French Travel Agency 100% Trail Running.

We are creating and organizing trips around locals trail running races in France, Europe and around the world. We take care of all your trip from A to Z (accommodation, flying tickets, activities, race bibs, …).

We want you to run a trail running race but also to visit, travel and go to meet local people.
We are also releasing detailed analysis of the most important trail running races world wide, live videos, running advices posts, and information on trail running races all over the world and organizations.

The idea came from Frederic and Jonathan in 2014 when it was very difficult to have information to participate to Transvulcania in the Canary Islands. Back then, their website was not optimized, Arrival, Departure and race bibs pick up location were all in different places, shuttles to take, no answers to our emails… We finally succeeded, after a lot of research, to finish this race. The idea of helping others runners to travel and run this race the year after was transformed into supporting and organizing travels on other trail running races.
Since then, we have made several trips with our association. Now, we are officially an accredited travel agency and managed by Frédéric Morand and Maud Debs.

Our Dna

Trail Running

Creation and organization of trips to local trail running races known by our team. Each race is chosen for its singularity and its amazing surroundings.


Creation and organization of small group trips (10-12 people) in order to develop friendly relations between trail runners. This group size is also better for authentic exchanges with the locals.

Unique service

Creation and organization of all inclusive trips for each trail runner so they can travel with a piece of mind. Our experience in personalized coaching and our expertise abroad will guide each runner to the finish line.


Creation and organization of trips in France, Europe and all around the world. Discovering a region through varied and playful activities will awaken the adventurer who sleeps in each of you.

The team

State-Graduate Coach of Europe travels Manager
Manager and World Travel Manager

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